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Hagiati Hotel is located in the historic castle of the city in one of the quietest and most beautiful locations of Ioannina. It was a historic mansion, which was recently completely refurbished without losing the traditional color that distinguishes it.


It is one of the few mansions that some rooms are on a bridge, while beneath the cobblestone streets and beautiful courtyards view among traditional houses reminiscent of your past.

Passing the threshold of our hostel, the small paved courtyard, the old well, the crypt and the stone walls will

hagiati hotel ioannina traditional breakfast

Μεσογειακή Διατροφή

Our tourist unit, aiming to enable our clients to experience the abundant gastronomic wealth of our country and to taste at their breakfast the innumerable Greek products and dishes that are at the heart of the Mediterranean Diet, which is not just a modern food trend, but according to UNESCO, "the intangible cultural heritage of mankind" offers local breakfasts as well as organic products.


Tea, Chamomile, Sage, Mint, Melon, Trachana, Pies, Honey, Flower Honey, Milk, Feta, Anthotirum, Cow Gravy, Metsovon, Metawave, Kefalotry, Kefalograviera, Goutyri, Metsovos Yogurt, Cow's Butter cherry, walnut, watermelon, quince, citrus, cherry, strawberry).