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Our hotel is located in the historic castle, a short distance you can visit the "Kale" and the Byzantine museum and walk the streets, to see the inside wall and the countless galleries and vaults of the castle.
Of the four gates of the castle, the visitor can easily be found near the lake Kyra Frosini while central to the historic city of Ioannina.


The castle, built on a small peninsula on Lake Pamvotis argues, in its current form, the result of extensive work carried out by Ali Pasha in the early 19th century . The walls were built in many places have incorporated parts of the Byzantine fortifications. Inside the wall are two citadels of the citadel VAakropoli and Kale. The North Acropolis was built the palace of the Byzantine rulers of the city. Byzantine rulers of the city.
Now dominates the top of the mosque of Aslan Pasha (1618). The citadel of Kale (means "inner castle") is located in south side of the castle. In the center there is the Byzantine Museum, built in the position he was in the 19th century. the seraglios of Ali Pasha. Left of the Byzantine Museum at the Fethiye Mosque (1795) and the tomb of Ali Pasha.
The castle was the original core of the city. From the Byzantine city, which had 18 monasteries and many churches survive today only the ruins of a Byzantine bath of the 13th century. the courtyard of the elementary school. Opposite the stone building is the Soufari Seraglio, the riding school of Ali pasa.Mesa Castle is also the Jewish Synagogue, the only monument in the once strong Jewish community of Ioannina.Noteworthy is also the old mansions of the city as the home of the Bishop, the mansion Misios the house of Pasha Good on the walls.